Chairman’s Christmas and New Year Message

Dear All
I hope we all are taking a short break to celebrate Christmas and New Year 2016.
First of all, I would like to extend my best wishes to all in this festive season and also wish to all families and friends a happy, healthy and prosperous new year 2016.
I believe, we as an organisation are becoming stronger and transforming towards maturation day by day. We can see a strong support and continuous involvement, valuable contribution, suggestions and feedback from wider arena of our members. As we all know that we have got transparent constitution, different operational manuals and codes which guide and direct us to move ahead systematically as an organisation. It is obvious that these all achievements would not be achieved if there were lack on our collective and continuous involvement in the span of our organisational journey. Therefore, we all are in debt at this collective choir. I sincerely thank and extend my sincere gratitude to all members and family on this festive occasion of English soil.
We can be anywhere but we put our thought, dedication, continuous self-motivation and support for the betterment of our Samaj as an important collective responsibility. If we are generous enough and not seeking to impose our individual interest and benefit, then we can be more proud of our Samaj in every aspects.
All members’ open heart and generosity to take our Samaj at this stage cannot be forgotten even though we do not get physical benefit immediately from the Samaj. Our collective contributions today, will lead to the further valuable preservation, achievements, progress and betterments of our customs and principles in favour of our future generations in the days to come. As our Samaj grow stronger every individual or family associated with the Samaj will feel proud for our unique and valuable culture and tradition.
Year 2015 has been more memorable for all of us in different aspects in our Mother Land and here in the UK. Learning from the experiences we can plan better ahead in the year to come. Leaving behind weaknesses and unfavourable circumstances if we move ahead collectively, definitely we can do better in the year 2016 and so on.
Thank you all

Prem Khadka
Chhetri Samaj UK

By: Business Tentacles